The Importance of Getting Rid of Condemnation

Editorial by Mary Felde

Recently I listened to a sermon by Joesph Prince where he said, “The root cause of your problem is condemnation.” This is the deepest root, according to him. Thinking about our lives we understand it would not work to focus on changing the leaves, as long as the problem is in the root. Let us ask God for help to get rid of all condemnation in our lives. This comes by a revelation of what Jesus has done for us and who He is in our lives. We don’t fight off condemnation, but rather...

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Teaching by Steve McVey
From: January - February 2014
Found in: The Gospel of Grace
Have you made mistakes that cause you to think God may be disappointed with you? How great to know that God’s love has taken care of both sins and foolishness.

Legalism is a cruel tyrant. It incites sin and then condemns us once we’ve given in and done it. It causes us to believe that, now that we’ve blown it, God is going to be upset with us because of what we’ve done.

Giants in the Bible

When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, he wrongly assumed His God would be angry. But...

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Guilt or Innocence: Which one affects your decisions?

Teaching by Evan Beecham
From: January - February 2014
Found in: The Gospel of Grace
When we have an awareness of guilt and not innocence, it may lead to wrong decisions in our lives. Let’s have a look at God’s love and peace for us and how this will affect the direction in our lives.

Remember to make this a guilt-free, no-condemnation day. When we allow guilt in, then that guilt takes on a life of its own, forming our decisions we make; taking us from His rest back to our works. We live by faith (what Jesus has done to deliver us completely) not by sight, (which...

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