Åge M. Åleskjær

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Åge M. Åleskjær (born in 1950) was raised in the Lutheran State Church in Norway.

As a twenty year old student, he was baptized with the Holy Spirit and his life was totally changed.

He became a preacher in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles, travelling as an evangelist and Bible-instructor all over Scandinavia.

During this period he was also involved in leading a Bible School.

In 1985 he founded Oslo Christian Center which has become one of the largest churches in Norway with more than 3000 members.

OKS both runs and operates a Bible school, elementary school, mission work, and more. OKS′s annual CampMeeting in July has grown to be a well-attended conference.

Pastor Åleskjær is frequently used as a conference speaker.

The focus has been the Grace of God and the New Covenant, and a strong confrontation with all the legalistic thinking in the Scandinavian church as a whole. Some call it “a new Reformation!”

Åge is married to Lillemor and together have four children and three grandchildren.

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