A Need for Urgency!

By: Amanuel Thomas, Ethiopia
From: March - April 2013

Recently God brought me the light I was longing for so long. It happened when a missionary came to Ethiopia and started a Gospel of Grace Bible School. I had the opportunity to be her interpreter and suddenly I got what I was looking for. There was something inside of me telling that something is wrong with what we are preaching - even as charismatic churches. Glory be to the Lord. I and my wife were transformed during those few days we attended this Bible Institute.

I remember telling a pastor that I strongly felt a need for reformation in many of today’s churches. I remembered Martin Luther’s thesis and could see something similar happening in some of today’s churches. Look at how some preachers raise funds. Literally they are asking people to buy their healing, blessings, and even the anointing! How we are preaching condemnation! How pastors are manipulating the flock of the Lord to be threatened of curses if they leave their church.

The answer is so clear; the church needs to go back to the Gospel of Grace. That is how the light came back to the church after more than 1000 years of Dark Age. For the church to get back to its rightful place in Christ, it needs to preach the Gospel of Grace. I thank God for His vessels whom He used to bring this light to His church once again. I pray that people who are preaching grace are able to bring this light to the whole body of Christ at any cost.
I strongly believe that there is a need for urgency, because here we are hearing more of “Cheap Grace” - preaching and writing against the Gospel of Grace. You know what? “First come, first served!” People believe what they heard first. I remember how I struggled to listen and read Kenneth Hagin’s teachings for so long. That was because I heard what was preached and written against him before I had a chance to get his teachings. I thank God that He allowed me to listen to him in a situation which looked accidental but transformed my life. Look at cults, they are always ready to pay whatever it costs to be heard. Go anywhere in this world and you will see their magazines with beautiful and attractive pictures translated in every language. Others are publishing big volume books and circulate them for free. Are this people so foolish and don’t know how to spend their money wisely? I don’t think so! What they need is to be heard and they will scarify anything for it.

Dear ministers of the Gospel of Grace, God has entrusted this message to you to take it to the outer most of the earth. So let your books, audio messages, and video messages go very fast at any cost. Let your Bible schools flourish in every corner of the earth. Make sure the whole body of Christ is being revolutionized by the true Gospel of Grace before you go home and stand before the Lord to receive your reward!