A question to meditate on

By: Mary Felde
Found in: The Gospel of Grace

A question has been ringing in my ears for the last few weeks. We recently returned from Kenya, after some great days with Friendship Festival and Gospel Revolution leadership seminars. In the seminars one of the speakers raised the question to which the answer carries the potential of totally changing the way we view many areas of life. As we bring this question into one area after another, we will discover that it brings a tremendous change in our life and ministry. What is this question? It is as simple as this: “Did the cross of Jesus make a difference?”

Did the cross make a difference in the way we view God, the way we view ourselves and the way we view others – believers and nonbelievers? Did the cross of Jesus really make a difference in the way we pray, the reason we worship and the message we preach? T.L. Osborn once said it took him two years to change his prayer-life after he discovered the finished work of Jesus.

Keep the question in mind as you read the articles in this newsletter. The article “Surprise, surprise – God is not angry!” talks about how we view God and how God views us. Did the cross really make a difference? And how great difference?

We will also get acquainted with a teacher whose testimony many may identify with. Let’s help people get to phase three so they get the order right. The truth is – the cross of Jesus did really make a difference!

By: Mary Felde

Mary Felde is a missionary and worldwide speaker of the Word of God. She has thought in churches, seminars, conferences, and Bible schools on four continents.

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