Grace without Preconditions

By: Peter Youngren
From: January-February 2012

While many of us have met preconditions when applying for a job, seeking education, or even participating in a church service, is God’s grace available to everyone without discrimination? Through Jesus’ finished work on the cross the whole of humankind is qualified to experience and enjoy the life of Christ. We all want to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, and Jesus gave the key to it – He gave Himself.
When we encounter people from various backgrounds and nationalities, it gives us a chance to enlarge our understanding of the significance of the Body of Christ. Sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves that our own efforts to produce holiness and sanctification are all doomed, because there is no such power in us by birth. Revelation of God’s grace, mercy and loving kindness will empower us to accept and respect all people alike – when we realize that we ourselves have been restored by Christ, and by Him only.
We have just arrived in Ambon, Indonesia, to bring the Gospel of Jesus to our Muslim friends. Unfortunately violent clashes between different religious groups have made this city known, but the beautiful message of the world’s redemption belongs to everyone, and it makes us joyous to proclaim the Good News time after time. All nations, every individual, are included in the circle of God’s love without preconditions. Our common task is simply to make the message known everywhere we go.
You have the love of God in your heart which manifests itself through your speech and actions. I believe you have subscribed to this newsletter because you want to learn more about God’s grace, and how to tell it to the world around you. Be encouraged by the articles of Steve McVey and Mike Walker in this issue. You are highly blessed and favored in Christ Jesus!

By: Peter Youngren

As founder of World Impact Ministries, Celebration Bible College, Way of Peace and the Celebration Churches in Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara, Canada, Peter is committed to equipping believers to fulfill their purpose before the return of Jesus Christ.

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