Programming your heart

By: Peter Youngren
From: January 2010

Welcome to the start of a new, prosperous year with Global Grace News! We are grateful to realize that increasingly more fellow laborers in Christ are joining GGN. Every teaching article on this website will point us towards Jesus, and remind us of what we already have in Him. It is important for all of us to succeed and flourish in life, and our desire at GGN is to share with you the gems we have discovered from the Word of God.

Your heart is your inward person - your spirit and soul in combination. A life is much like a tree; the root is the heart and the fruit depicts life’s situations and circumstances. Just as when we eat the fruit of the tree, it tastes sweet or sour, so do the circumstances of our life. In His teaching about the heart Jesus says: “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things” (Matthew 12:35).

“Treasure” denotes something hidden. Jesus’ message is obvious - good or evil things can be hidden in the heart, and whatever is in the heart affects our life. If we want a good life, we need to make sure that our heart has a good treasure.

We know our thoughts are important, but what makes us think what we think – our heart. Look at this sequence:

Programming > Thoughts > Words > Action > Results

All of us want good results, but good results are preceded by positive actions. Fruitful actions are preceded by wise words, which in turn are preceded by godly thoughts. The thoughts, however, are the result of the programming in our hearts. In the light of God’s Word, the way our heart is programmed determines our life.

God’s people can prosper even when the world is speaking defeat, negativity and collapse. The worst of times become the best of times with God! Make sure your heart is filled with a good treasure. With God, these are the best of times for you!

God bless you,

Peter Youngren

By: Peter Youngren

As founder of World Impact Ministries, Celebration Bible College, Way of Peace and the Celebration Churches in Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara, Canada, Peter is committed to equipping believers to fulfill their purpose before the return of Jesus Christ.

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