Resting in Him

By: Miguel and Norunn Inzuza, Mexico
From: July 2008
The beginning of a process that ever since has been transforming our beliefs and lives completely

I met my husband in Kristiansand, Norway, the summer of 1990. Miguel was a young Mexican man working on a missionary ship lying at the dock, and I was a curious visitor from a little town close to Kristiansand. I believed I had a mission call from God upon my life, and I was excited to get to know this beautiful, white, old ship getting ready to go and serve in Africa. I almost envied the people on board…

We got married in 1993 and at the same time we pioneered a mission centre in Culiacan, a city of one million people located on the Northwest coast of Mexico. We struggled a lot but filled with determination we were running training schools for young people interested in missions, traveling all over the world with youth teams. It was challenging and exciting years where we boldly faced the financial and practical challenges in the ministry.

Determined to serve God
Our favorite verse in the Bible was Ephesians 2:10 where it says that we are made to do good works. We were determined to serve God no matter at what cost, doing these good works we believed He needed us to do. We even thought it would make us earn His blessings and favor in our lives. We had heard a lot of teachings about how we should renounce our rights for the Lord and how we could lose His blessings if we disobeyed Him.

Nine years ago we started a Bible study group in Miguel’s parent’s living room. Little by little the group started to grow and after a while it became Centro Cristiano La Campiña, a church we believed God wanted to use to make an impact in our city. Culiacan is known for its agriculture as well as for the drug traffic ran by huge mafia families who are some of the main suppliers to the USA. Even though there is a lot of poverty around the city, it is remarkable how money laundering makes it one of the fastest growing and prosperous cities in Mexico. God put a vision in our heart believing the city will become known for what God is doing here more than for its agriculture and drug traffic. At this point we were both leading the mission centre and serving as senior pastors in the church. We were starting to get tired of all the pressure and sacrifice and started to feel a sense of discouragement.

Amazed and touched by the message
The summer of 2003 we went on vacation to Norway with our three sons and we got to know a new church in my home town, Vennesla. We were amazed and touched by the message they were sharing about the grace of God and His unconditional favor upon His children. We knew at that point that this was something we wanted more of. In 2005 we left our youth pastor in charge of the congregation and we went together with our kids to Norway to join the leadership year of the Bible school of the mother church in Oslo, Oslo Kristne Senter. 

Right doings does not mean right believing, but right believing leads you to right doings.

Beginning the school year we got impacted with a sentence: “Right doings does not mean right believing, but right believing leads you to right doings”. Wow! That was the beginning of a process that ever since has been transforming our beliefs and lives completely

We decided to open our hearts to the secrets He had been longing to show us for all these years: He is not only God Emmanuel, God with us, but He is Christ in us, the hope of glory! We got to know the word of God in a new way that really made us free! Free from condemnation, free from self justification, free from fear and free from pressure.

We understood that Jesus is our justification, our holiness, our strength, our blessing – He is all we need! Everything is a gift and it is freely given to us.  We realized that the second part of the verse in Ephesians 2:10 was the key to live victoriously: to rest in the assurance that God has prepared works for us,  and the Lord himself will do them through us in Christ! 

Sharing the message to the Church
We went back to our church in Culiacan very excited about this new revelation and with a huge expectation of the things God had prepared for our church. Arriving there the people could immediately notice that God had transformed our lives during the year we had been gone. We started to share with the congregation about the life in the New Covenant and the powerful grace of God. It was amazing how God had prepared the hearts of the people and how they just started to eagerly receive the message.

We decided to open our hearts to the secrets He had been longing to show us for all these years.

God showed us that this is the time for the church. He wants to build His church and we feel excited to be a part of it. We decided to let go of the mission centre and put ourselves into what God is doing, resting in His prepared work. We still want to reach the nations through the church, but with a transformed motivation and a transformed message: The gospel of grace and reconciliation.

Two years have gone since then. Sadly a handful of people have left because of the changes that have happened. But many more have come, the church is growing and the members are seeing fruit of the message in their marriages, in their children, in their jobs and in their daily lives. People are set free from condemnation and fear, enjoying the life in Jesus.

We are so grateful to God for what He has done in our lives. We believe that His plans for us are wonderful and prosperous as a family and as a church. We are so blessed in every way and our family is growing as well, since we expect a new little baby this summer. It is so exciting to have the best still to come, and to be able to rest in Him in every step of the way.