The difference between being lazy and being restful

By: Mary Felde
From: August - September 2012
Found in: The Gospel of Grace

Now and then I hear the comment that people are hesitant to the preaching of the Gospel of Grace because they are afraid it will make people lazy. Some may even go as far as to accuse us for giving people a license to be lazy. However, it is important to hear the fullness of the message being taught here in GGN.

We are not encouraging people to be lazy and not have a living and active relationship with the Lord and with their Church. However, we are focusing on the motive for why people are doing what they are doing. Are they doing what they are doing in order to try to please God and deserve His blessings, or are they doing what they are doing as a result of and in response to the wonderful things God already has done for them?

This newsletter has two articles that both focuses on the rest of the Lord. This doesn’t mean that we become lazy, but that we learn to rest even while we are working. Great pressure comes on us when we think it is our own works and effort that will make the difference.  Rest is there when we know Jesus has fully completed the work to establish great favor with God and when we are aware that He is the one who is also at work both in and through us.

By: Mary Felde

Mary Felde is a missionary and worldwide speaker of the Word of God. She has thought in churches, seminars, conferences, and Bible schools on four continents.

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