Understanding the Scriptures

By: Peter Youngren
From: January 2009
Found in: Reading the Word of God

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2009.  To correctly divide the Word is the key in understanding the Scriptures.  The story of Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch shows us that to read and to understand are not necessarily the same thing.  In the four Gospels we see Jesus addressing the legalistic Pharisees as well as teaching the disciples what life would be like under the New Covenant.  The key is knowing whom Jesus is speaking to.  Is Jesus speaking to the Old Covenant Jews who are still trying to obtain salvation by their own performance?  Or is He explaining to His disciples about the river of life that will indwell each New Covenant believer?

This newsletter will help open a whole new world of understanding of the Scriptures.  Passages that we have read and set aside because we didn’t really understand them will suddenly come alive, while other Scriptures take on new light and meaning as we correctly divide the Word of God.

It has been a joy this last year to get to know Pastor Andy Wall of Grace International Centre, Walsall, UK.  Each time we get together we have the opportunity to share the revelation God has given us of His grace.  During a recent visit Pastor Wall expressed a desire to bless some UK pastors who he has contact with by including them in this web newsletter.  I especially welcome pastors from the UK who are hearing about the Global Grace Network for the first time.

The Global Grace Network reaches more than 5,000 pastors and leaders around the globe.  We have been publishing online for a number of months and you can access teaching from previous months as well as this current issue.

The message of God’s grace really brings a revolution in our approach to God and our approach to the world.  This is the message that turned the world upside down 2,000 years ago and I believe it has the same power today.

It was a revelation to me when, after 25 years of ministry, I recognized that I didn’t know as much about Jesus as I thought.  Once I was willing to admit this, the floodgates of revelation opened and I discovered more than ever how the fullness of the Godhead bodily dwells in Him.  Jesus Christ is all and in all.

The lead article in this issue is by Pastor Åge M. Åleskjær and it is taken from his book Total Freedom.  I hope many of you will be inspired to order Pastor Åge’s book as well as other materials that are listed.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact our editor, Mary Felde, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

All over the world we hear news of financial crisis and collapse.  The church in the Book of Acts experienced success and prosperity through God’s grace.  No one among them lacked anything.  Hard work, goal setting and good organization are certainly of value, but there is prosperity and increase available by God’s unmerited, undeserved, unearned favor.  May that grace abound in your life in 2009.

Peter Youngren

By: Peter Youngren

As founder of World Impact Ministries, Celebration Bible College, Way of Peace and the Celebration Churches in Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara, Canada, Peter is committed to equipping believers to fulfill their purpose before the return of Jesus Christ.

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