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By: Peter Youngren
From: September 2008
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One of life’s greatest discoveries is the reality of Christ in us and us in Him.  This is where the gospel of grace really manifests in our mortal flesh.  Without that, our whole message can easily be reduced to a nice religious theory of freedom in Christ. The “in Him” realities make the revelation of the grace of God a daily adventure.

All religion looks at God on the outside.  People often pray, “Oh, God, come down with your power,” “Rain down your glory,”  “Lord, come and touch us”.  I know these are often well-intentioned prayers but unfortunately they are unscriptural.  The revelation of the new Covenant gives us an “aha” experience, where we suddenly see that the very thing that we have been begging God to do, He has already done by Christ coming to live inside us.  Our Christian life is simply in discovering what we have through the indwelling Christ.  The apostle Paul realized that everything was “dung” in comparison to be found in Him.  On another occasion he wrote that God has revealed his Son in me.

This month we want to help everyone discover that when Jesus Christ, Himself, is in you, you have the fullness, the glory, the blessing, the anointing; everything that people are looking to get. 

When Adam was put on earth, he was put into a finished creation from day one.  His job was not to create anything new, but to discover what God had already created for him.

This depicts our new life in Christ, where our job is not to get Christ to come into us or to put ourselves into Christ, but to discover how this was already done for us.  We were saved into a finished new creation in Christ. Our job is not to seek the fullness, but to discover the fullness we already have.

This word of God’s grace is an awesome message, but it is more. It is a revelation that’s rallying people all over the world.  Tired Pastors and leaders are refreshed and rediscover the joy they knew when Christ first saved them.  Please read the articles, be blessed, worship Jesus, and if you have any questions, contact our editor, Mary Felde.  We want to hear from you.

Blessings in Christ,

Peter Youngren

By: Peter Youngren

As founder of World Impact Ministries, Celebration Bible College, Way of Peace and the Celebration Churches in Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara, Canada, Peter is committed to equipping believers to fulfill their purpose before the return of Jesus Christ.

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