Who are the ones included?

By: Mary Felde
From: June-July 2012
Found in: The Gospel of Grace

Religion excludes many people, saying that they are not good enough. But the Gospel of Jesus includes all people, even those who think they are not worthy. What a huge difference!

The apostle Peter needed a big change in the way he was thinking about people, as he was excluding a lot of people. Cornelius and his house were ready to hear the Good News, but God had to work on the preacher before He could send him to them! So we know how Peter in a vision argued with God three times that he would not eat the unclean animals, until God clearly told him that “what I have cleansed you shall not call unclean!” (Acts 10) This was spoken about the people even before they were born-again!

2 Cor. 5:18-20 tells how God has reconciled Himself to the world, and how he doesn’t count and hold their sins against them. Why doesn’t He count their sins? Because he counted them 2000 years ago, on the cross! All the sins of all people were included! Name one of your friends not yet born again. Was he included in what Jesus did on the cross? Yes! Therefore his name was written in a book, together with your own name! And now God is longing for him to respond and receive salvation and the new life, so his name doesn’t need to be erased from the book. A good illustration is a wedding invitation list. The people that are desired to be in the wedding are already on the list from the beginning, and then they are asked to give a positive answer. This is good news for all people – they are already included in God’s heart! He loves them!

We encourage you to take time to carefully study this month’s important teaching articles. I would also like to draw you attention to the testimony added at the end. It greatly touched my heart - what a transformation!

By: Mary Felde

Mary Felde is a missionary and worldwide speaker of the Word of God. She has thought in churches, seminars, conferences, and Bible schools on four continents.

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