David R. Huskins

photo of David R. Huskins

Archbishop David Huskins has often been called a dreamer mainly due to the tremendous vision and calling from God which rest upon his life. Bishop Huskins is a true apostle from God who carries a prophetic mantle. He serves as the presiding bishop of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC), and International organization representing over 4.2 million people. He also is the founder and senior pastor of Cedar Lake Christian Center (CLCC) in Cedartown, Georgia which is a working prototype of a true Vineyard Harvest Church. Bishop Huskins believes that reaching the outcast and unwanted should be the “norm” and not the exception; thus, CLCC has focused on ministry to HIV/Aids patients, jails and prisons, and a highly acclaimed ministry to the chemically addicted.

In 1990, Bishop Huksins was presented an honorary doctorate of education degree by Universal Faith Kingdom Academy. He finished his doctorate of theology in Biblical studies from Florida Theological Seminary in 1998, bestowed a doctorate of divinity degree in 2004 by Saint Thomas Christian College, and serves as the chancellor of Vineyard Harvester Bible College.

Bishop Huskins hosts a weekly radio program, A Call to Covenant, and is a frequent guest host for many television programs on the TCT Network and Daystar. He has also appeared as a guest on TBN. He is the author of The Power of the Covenant Heart and The purpose of the Covenant Heart, both released by Destiny Image Publishers. He has also recently published the book Grace Shift. He has four sons: Aaron, Zachary, Isaac, and Michael.

Above all, Bishop Huskins is a servant of God!

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