Mike Walker

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Pastor Walker believes strongly in the corporate body of Christ around the world and that building strong relationships around the globe will only enhance and strengthen the vision and work here at home. He believes in traveling with a strategic purpose, and therefore works very closely with pastors and leaders training and equipping. Kenya has been greatest focus abroad holding regular pastoral training sessions. Upon the purchase of a large house in Eldoret, Kenya they have been able to effectively bring, house, and train up to seventy pastors at a time. These sessions range from four to six weeks and the pastors travel from all around Kenya and the neighboring countries of Uganda and Tanzania. Through this vision of reaching pastors we have been able to effectively reach one million people with the sure word of the Gospel.
There is another passion that burns in the heart of Pastor Mike, which is one generation speaking into the next. There is the need to be relevant to the upcoming generation. He believes that the only generation gap is that caused by sin, because sin is what separates. THe Word speaks the the glory of the young is their strength, and the strength of the old is wisdom or experience. He believes it is only fitting that the two should go hand in hand. He and his wife have committed to work very closely with the youth/young adults of their church and the appointed leaders to bridge any existing gaps and see both groups worship the Lord in the Spirit of unity.
Pastor Walker and his wife have been married for over 25 years. They have three sons and 7 grandchildren.

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