What is his great secret?

Oleh: Mary Felde
Dari: July - August 2013
Ditemukan dalam: Injil Kasih Karunia

The final day of the leadership seminar in Pakistan, 2008, with around 3000 participants, was coming to an end.  Every evening in the huge festival we had all witnessed great miracles – touching stories of how lives and families were forever changed by God’s love in Christ.  I especially remember an elderly Muslim who had been blind his whole life. During the festival he could see again, and for the FIRST time he was now able to see his wife! A young boy who had carried his younger lame brother to the festivals no longer needed to carry him home – the boy could walk on his own! After a Muslim woman and her blind teenager daughter heard about the festival on TV the first evening, they travelled by bus 3 days – hoping to reach there in time. They arrived at the very last meeting in the festival, and the blind daughter was completely healed. And there were MANY more testimonies.
Now, back to the parallel leadership seminar on daytime. Everyone had been eager to learn more about the “Gospel Revolution.” Peter Youngren, the minister in the evenings too, ended the leadership seminar by asking all the leaders to stretch out their hands. Then he said he would put the very secret to the success of his ministry into their hands. Everyone waited with great expectancy. He then said, “I now lay the Gospel of Christ in your hands. Close your hands and put it in the pocket. When you go home you have exactly the same as I have!” Take courage and know that the Gospel of Christ is the Power of God and the very secret to the success of our ministries.

Oleh: Mary Felde

Mary Felde is a missionary and worldwide speaker of the Word of God. She has thought in churches, seminars, conferences, and Bible schools on four continents.

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