Greetings From Graceworld Ministries

What does Graceworld do?

Graceworld Ministries promotes literature, teaching material and other Christian ministry and education for individuals and organizations who want to know more about God’s love and grace through the finished work of Jesus Christ. It is a resource center for everyone, who is interested in the Gospel Advancement.

Graceworld Ministries will publish 4-6 Global Grace Newsletters per year. Newsletter is free, but we do appreciate your support very much, as it helps us to channel available resources best possible way - thank you!


We have seen firsthand the desperate need for the New Covenant teaching all over the world. Our desire is to see followers of Jesus growing in their relationship with Him. But not only that! The realization of God’s love propels us to go forward, and share the love of Christ with other people. With the world! Everyone should hear, how good news the Gospel really is.

We encourage you to study the Global Grace Newsletter for August - October 2016. Enjoy!

- Peter & Taina Youngren