Msaada (Ncha la Kujisomea)

The Love That Won’t Let Go

Category: Kanda

Luke chapter 15 is one of Jesus’ most beloved teachings. In this album, Peter Youngren brings fresh insight: “I have referenced this chapter a thousand times or more, but in this teaching, fresh revelation poured over me”. You’ll benefit greatly by discovering The Love That Won’t Let Go. Where there is love, everything prospers.

CD 1: Love declares war on religion.
CD 2: Love that finds and restores.
CD 3: Love’s covenant or the contract of religion.
CD 4: Repent and rejoice: what does it mean?
CD 5: Love sees value.
CD 6: Amazing love in the face of ugly religion.

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Living Free Package

Category: Kanda

Gospel of Grace affects the core of our being. Peter Youngren looks at life’s biggest issues and how Christ’s finished work transforms us. These are issues faced by CEO’s of major companies, athletes, parents, cultural, political and business leaders. Peter takes a unique “Christ-in-you” approach that will empower and equip you.

Two Albums included:
• Living Free (4 CDs)
• Living Free from Stress (3 CDs)

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Grace Manifesto

Category: Kanda

An incredible journey from religious self-effort to the abundant life of Christ in you. This is a comprehensive teaching album on the revelation of God’s grace.

(8 CDs) by Peter Youngren

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